IIS for Developer and more

microsoft-logoI want to share today the best videos about the IIS I have ever seen. From my point of view, information, that is explained there, should be known by each senior+ .NET Developer.

First 3 videos are from the Microsoft engineer Paul Cociuba

  1. Architecture and components (part1), that explains the general architecture of the IIS.
  2. Architecture and Components (part2), that is mainly focused on IIS pipelines and differences between IIS 6 and IIS 7+ versions.
  3. Architecture and Components (part3), that explains ASP.NET request processing.

Second video is Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 for Developers by Steve Evans. It is more practical. In general it is a bit delayed and contains some obvious parts but, what will definitely be valuable:

  • hosts configuration file
  • IIS certificate setup, including generation, assignment, making trusted
  • Usage of applications inside the Site
  • Why link htpp://site/ works, but htpp://www.site/ doesnt
  • Failed request tracing feature, that is underestimated and not used at all according to my experience
  • and more…

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